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Моцарт зі Львова

Чи знаєте Ви, що у Львові жив син одного із найвідоміших композиторів світу Вольфґанґа Амадея Моцарта? 

Так, півтора сторіччя тому тут жив і творив син Моцарта — Ксавер. Поки що маловідома, але яскрава візитівка Львова! Місто XIX сторіччя надихало його кілька десятків років. Італійська піаністка Ольга Здоренко та камерний оркестр Collegium Musicum подарують вам вечір вишуканої аристократичної музики, створеної у Львові.

Довкола Зальцбурґа і Відня виріс справжній культ Моцарта, феноменальний у всіх можливих сферах. На черзі Львів


Ф.К. Моцарт – Концерт для фортепіано з оркестром до мажор

А.Розетті – Симфонія соль мінор

Ф.К.Моцарт – Концерт для фортепіано з оркестром мі бемоль мажор


Ольга Здоренко – фортепіано (Італія)

Оркестр Сollegium Musicum

Художній керівник та дириґент – Іван Остапович

Модератор Тарас Демко

Відкривай Класику з #CollegiumMusicum

Ольга Здоренко

Olga Zdorenko has followed her parents’ footsteps: her father is the director of the Kiev Symphony Orchestra and her mother is a pianist. She started studying piano at 4 years old; at 15 she performed “Piano Concerto No.2” by Rachmaninoff and at 17 she debuted at Kiev Philharmonic performing “Piano Concerto No.3” by the same composer. When she was very young she won the contest “Young talents of URSS” and she entered the Cajkovskij Conservatory in Moscow under the guidance of M. Eugeniyi Malinin (Henrich Neuhaus’s legendary assistant.) She graduated with honors and she immediately started her international career. In 1991 she debuted at Berlin Philharmonic performing “K466” by Mozart. She won a lot of international contests such as “Carlo Zecchi” (Rome), “Classical Sanremo”, “Sulmona Award.” She won the constest “Walter Massaza” in Alessandria and she received the O.Messiaen special award. In 2000 she graduated with the highest grades at the National Academy of Santa Cecilia and she became the chair of the piano department at the Conservatory Gesualdo da Venosa in Potenza (Italy, Basilicata.) In 2006 she worked with the Berlin Philharmonic soloists for the “Mahler Academy” project under the direction of M. Claudio Abbado. She worked with a lot of European orchestras as a soloist: Moscow Philharmonic Orchestra, Kiev Philharmonic Orchestra, Meklenburg Philarmonic, Radio and TV Orchestra of Zagabria. She performs chamber music too; she worked with the violinists Pavel Berman and Rodolfo Bonacci. She’s constantly invited as a judge in important international contests. She worked with record labels such as Brilliant Classics, Diapason, Movie Sound, to produce her own CD. She’s the artistic director of the musical association “Angelica Costantiniana” (Rome.) She is always invited at international festivals and she performed all around the world: France, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Greece, Spain, Belgium and Australia. Since 2015 she is the Lady of Malta’s Knights. She received a silver plaque from the President of the Italian Republic.