Your Time

“Your Time” is a flure-acoustic performance-installation. “Autumn: It’s time to make new fantasies come true. To create space, open to the imagination, moving from one state to another, it is time to catch impulses among sounds, among the light and among the shadows.” – Petro Titiaiev, curator of the project. Your Time – it is a space free of restrictions. Unforgettable combination of light, graphics, exclusive music and your consciousness!

First block (18:00): Fluoroluminescent installations and graphic compositions created by the art platform “Dyvyna”, Sheptytska and “ORO-Group” will interact with the electroacoustic music by young Ukrainian composers. The second block (18:47): Lviv premieres of quartets by the outstanding concemporary Ukrainian composer  Valentyn Sylvestrov and string music by Igor Stravinsky.

“R-quartet” // Kharkiv – Kyiv – Lviv: Petro Titiaiev – violin Kseniya Kosareva – violin Zenon Dashak – viola Victor Rekalo – cello This string quartet was created specially for the perfornance of pieces by Valentyn Sylvestrov at concerts in Kyiv, to the 80th anniversary of the composer. Authors and moderators: Titiaiev, Sheptytska, Demko

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